New BRIC alternative for latest structured deposit offering
27 October 2011

Standard Bank Jersey Limited and Standard Bank Isle of Man Limited, members of Standard Bank Group, have launch the latest in a series of award-winning structured products. Quantum PLUS 7 is designed to return the initial capital deposited along with a competitive rate of interest on half the deposit while the other half provides for exposure to stock market growth. 

New to the usual UK, Europe, Australian and USA markets covered by the Quantum PLUS series is a BRIC alternative, offering depositors the chance to benefit from potential growth in some of the largest companies based in Brazil, Russia, India and China. 

Quantum PLUS 7 is open for subscription until 15 December 2011, subject to availability. The product divides a client's total initial deposit equally between a 1 year (Quantum portion) fixed term deposit maturing on the 7 January 2013 and a 5-year (PLUS portion) fixed term deposit maturing on 13 January 2017, available in sterling, euro, Australian dollar or US dollar. Minimum deposit amounts are £10,000, €15,000, AU$20,000 or US$20,000. 

The Quantum portion pays a competitive rate of 4% AER for Sterling, US dollar and euro deposits or 10% AER for Australian dollar deposits. This half of the deposit matures in full after one year. 

The PLUS portion provides for an unlimited potential return on the other half of the deposit after five years based on the performance of a chosen market. The available market choices are the UK (FTSE 100 Index - Sterling deposits), Europe (EURO STOXX 50 Index - Euro deposits), Australia (S&P/ASX 200 Index - Australian dollar deposits), USA (S&P 500 Index - US dollar deposits) or emerging markets (S&P BRIC 40 Index - US dollar deposits). Even if markets fall, the PLUS portion linked to the UK, Europe, Australian or USA markets offers the reassurance of a minimum return of 5% (0.98% AER) at maturity. 

Adam Hunt, Head of Private Clients, says: "Our structured products are typically designed for depositors who seek capital security and growth potential linked to the performance of a stock market index. Quantum PLUS 7 has been introduced following the strong success of Quantum PLUS 6, which was sold recently. It offers returns linked to the performance of a stock market index, but without the usual risk of volatile market movements. As with Quantum PLUS 6, we expect to see high demand for this competitive offering. 

"As a financial services group which connects emerging markets to Africa, we are particularly pleased to offer a BRIC alternative as part of our latest launch. Emerging markets should carry a meaningful weighting in a typical investment portfolio and we expect the BRIC alternative to attract considerable interest from our depositors." 

Mr Hunt says that given the current economic uncertainty, now might be an ideal time to commit to a product which provides peace of mind along with the opportunity to take advantage of any continued stock market recovery. 

Quantum PLUS 7 offers investors access to unlimited potential market-related returns, along with the reassurance that even if their chosen market falls their original deposit will be repaid in full at maturity, along with a competitive interest rate on the Quantum portion." 

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