Innovative new App takes insurance to new generation of South Africans

Johannesburg 24 July 2019

Standard Bank Group’s insurance arm, Standard Insurance Limited, best known for no-claim cashbacks of up to 20% as well as is 13th month no-premium benefits, is leveraging innovation to offer a new Car and Home insurance App.

“The App makes car, home content and structural insurance available to a new generation of consumers, 24/7 via your smart phone,” says Dr Nolwandle Mbalo, MD of Standard Insurance Limited.

Standard Insurance Limited is one of South Africa’s short-term insurance innovation-leaders, offering a range of short-term products across the country’s highly competitive homeowners’ structural insurance, contents, motor vehicle, all risks, watercraft, computer equipment and personal liability segments.

The App is in keeping with our broader goal of placing clients at the center of what we do. It will match the clout of Standard Insurance Limited’s insurance practice with its Group identity as Africa’s biggest bank, committed to driving the continent’s growth.

    The new App has several features aimed at making insurance relevant to the country’s largely underinsured millennial market as well as those seeking to save on their insurance, including:
  • a built-in feature that digitally scores one’s driving behavior for the first 300km and 25 trips and;
  • rewards which include a discounted insurance premium of up to 30%, fixed for a year as well as Uber vouchers for continuously driving well;

By providing vehicle insurance discounts based on the results of a digital driving test the newly developed App also speaks to the cost-conscious consumer actively trying to save money.

“This App is truly easy to use, even for someone who is a first-time smart phone user,” says Dr Mbalo.

The Car and Home insurance offer which underpins the App also includes features like new-for-old vehicle replacement cover. The entirely digital nature of the App also means that our insurance offer can be delivered at a discount to our clients to optimise their benefit and usability.

“Cars are indispensable to getting and often keeping a job, therefore replacing stolen or written off cars in the first 12 months of the incident is very appealing to anyone where their car is often their biggest asset and largely irreplaceable,” says Dr Mbalo.

The new App soft launched recently in both the Google Playstore and Apple App stores with an official launch set for August.

    This App is part of a broader digitisation drive and clients can also look forward to these additional exciting features soon:
  • Quick and easy Claims registration and tracking on the App
  • Digital sales on the App
  • Electronic vehicle inspection, adding convenience
  • Feature based products, that allows a client to select which benefits they want versus the conventional one size fits all product approach

Being able to arrange and manage insurance directly from your smartphone is just one of the ways we are making it easier for our clients to protect what matters most to them” concludes Dr Mbalo.

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