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As an Africa-focused, client-led, and digitally enabled organisation, Standard Bank Group invites you to explore a dynamic partnership with us that goes beyond delivering comprehensive financial solutions, driving inclusive growth, and fostering sustainable development. Be part of creating a future where every success story echoes the heartbeat of growth.

Shareholder centre

If you are a Standard Bank Group shareholder, or are interested in becoming one, you can find out about our share price and dividends, shareholder structure, analyst coverage, and ADR programme, as well as upcoming events on these pages.

Debt investors

The capital markets are an important source of funding for Standard Bank and are accessed via various platforms. The Debt Centre contains information and documents in respect of Standard Bank's capital markets activity.

Results and reports

Access the latest Standard Bank Group financial results, integrated reports, presentations, and other documents.

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Financial highlights

Key financial indicators and other high level financial information.

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Purpose and strategy

Explore who we are as Standard Bank Group, discover our operations, and witness the essence of our business as we redefine financial landscapes for Africa and her people.

SENS announcements

View Standard Bank Group stock exchange announcements and shareholder meeting details.

Upcoming events and presentations

15 August 2024 Aug 15 2024 Standard Bank Group 1H24 Results

Standard Bank Group 1H24 Pre-close call

The 1H24 Pre-close call took place on 20 June 2024. Click here to watch the webcast.

Standard Bank Group Small Enterprise Banking showcase

The small enterprise banking showcase took place on 4 April 2024. Click here to watch the webcast.

Standard Bank Group 2023 Annual Results presentation

The presentation took place on 14 March 2024. Click here to watch the webcast.

2023 Annual results highlights
Credit ratings
Ratings for key banking entities within Standard Bank Group.
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Investor Relations

Sarah Rivett-Carnac
Head of Investor Relations

If you have any questions about equity investments and any investor related queries.

Strategic Funding

Marc Hearn
Head: Strategic Funding

If you have any questions about the group’s debt issuance strategy or debt instruments

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