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We believe in doing the right business, in the right way.

Everything we do has an impact on society, the economy and the environment. But this impact is more than we think. Because everything we do sets something in motion. And supporting the arts is no different, because art has always been, and remains, a powerful medium for progress.

As a leading sponsor of the arts over 40 years, Standard Bank has made a significant contribution to African expression and creativity.

Partnering with African Artists for Development (AAD) in hosting Lumières d’Afriques at the Standard Bank Gallery presents yet another opportunity to support and develop contemporary African art. This exhibition sees artists from each of the 54 countries in Africa unite to bring awareness to the energy paradox that our continent faces.

This incredible artistic initiative is inspired by a single theme: “The Illuminated Africa.” Each artist has created a work - from photography to painting to sculpture - that displays their confidence in the future of our continent, as well as their native countries. The 54 pieces also lead us to reflect on the challenges facing the development and growth of the African continent.

Together, we hope to light the way for change and illuminate the important role that energy plays in human society.

The Standard Bank Gallery commits itself to promoting, celebrating and providing education around contemporary African-related art. We are proud to present Lumières d’Afriques because we are inspired by the minds and creativity of our people, and we are forever behind the growth of the continent we call home.

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