Standard Bank Group

Analyst coverage

List of sell-side bank analysts covering Standard Bank Group

Financial Institution Analyst's Name Email Address
Anchor Stockholders Harry Botha [email protected]
Avior Adrienne Damant [email protected]
Bank of America Bankole Ubogu [email protected]
Citi Group Simon Nellis [email protected]
HSBC Henry Hall [email protected]
Investec Ross Krige [email protected]
JP Morgan Chase & Co. Samuel Goodacre [email protected]
JP Morgan Chase & Co. Baron Nkomo [email protected]
RMB Morgan Stanley James Starke [email protected]
SBG Securities Charles Russell [email protected]
UBS Stephan Potgieter [email protected]



As far as Standard Bank Group Limited (SBG) is aware, the analysts and the companies they represent provide investment coverage of SBG, which may include the publication of research, provision of estimates, and other general and specific investment advice pertaining to SBG, its subsidiaries, and affiliates.

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This page is for information purposes only and is intended neither to be promotional nor to constitute endorsement of any investment advice that may be provided pertaining to SBG, its subsidiaries and affiliates.

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