Standard Bank Group

Discover new worlds of opportunity

As a leading Africa-focused financial services group, and an innovative player on the global stage, we can offer a wealth of career-enhancing opportunities – plus the chance to work alongside some of the sector’s most talented, motivated pioneers.

Our clients range from individuals, to businesses of all sizes, high net worth families and large multinational corporates and institutions.

So, to make sure we can deliver the finest specialist expertise to every one of these clients, we’ve structured our organisation into four segments: Corporate Investment Banking, Business and Commercial Banking, Personal and Private Banking, and Insurance and Asset Management. Each of these is exceptionally supported by our specialist function teams.

Whichever area you join us in, you can expect unrivalled support to help you learn, develop and grow… as we continue to strive for long-term growth for Africa and its people.
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Business and Commercial Banking

Through comprehensive banking solutions, we address the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and commercial banking clients.

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Insurance and Asset Management

With innovative, open architecture solutions across our organisation, this team is helping us move beyond traditional financial services.

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Personal and Private Banking

For individuals and families, we provide banking and wealth management solutions, including insurance, investments, and advisory.

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Corporate and Investment Banking

We unlock Africa’s potential through proactive client partnerships that deliver relevant solutions to large multinational and institutional clients.

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Brand and Marketing

Through branding and marketing, we don’t only protect the reputation of our organisation; we also drive distinctive customer, client and employee experiences that help people build their relationship with us at Standard Bank.


The Compliance business is a real competitive advantage for us. By advising, training, monitoring and reporting, this team make sure we’re doing the right business, in the right way.

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Technology is the driving force behind our transformation to a digital platform-led organisation – working in partnership with some of the world’s biggest tech companies

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Finance and Value Management

From helping to set corporate and digital transformation plans, to allocating resources, supporting performance and balancing client and stakeholder needs, the guidance of this team influences how Standard Bank sees the world and how the world sees Standard Bank.

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Group Risk and Corporate Affairs

The ever-changing world of banking means we look to Group Risk and Corporate Affairs for many things – from management of emerging risks to strategic stakeholder relations that protect and strengthen our brand.

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Data and Analytics

The Data and Analytics team specialise in driving data solutions to add value to our customers. We are looking for exceptionally talented, bright, and driven people to join our team and drive a data led culture.

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Internal Audit

Internal audit provides assurance and consulting services on our organisation’s governance, risk management and control processes, so we can keep being courageous, acting with integrity and applying the good judgement we need to drive our growth – and Africa’s.

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Delivering sustainable value to our stakeholders, managing our legal rights and liabilities, and protecting the reputation of our brand are some of the core focusses of our Legal team.

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People and Culture

Our People and Culture team operate across all business lines, corporate functions, and countries to drive a culture that’s attractive to everyone and provide our people with opportunities to grow, develop and remain future fit.


With your experience of service operations, we’ll underpin the business and client experience through innovative solutions and delivery

Real Estate Services

With your entrepreneurial spirit, together we’ll establish and evolve a Smart Real Estate portfolio that will perform at optimal levels