Standard Bank South Africa's fourth Mpumalanga tender in a row
2 March 2012

Standard Bank South Africa has won its fourth public sector account in Mpumalanga in less than a year with the awarding of the Thaba Chweu (Lydenburg) local municipality account. 

This validates the restructure in early 2011 of the bank's public sector division around the specialist skills of former public sector practitioners now working for the bank. 

Standard Bank was granted the Mpumalanga Province account in March 2011, closely followed by it winning the banking tender for the Ehlanzeni District Municipality, which is centred in Mbombela (Nelspruit). At the end of 2011, Standard Bank was awarded the Victor Khanye (Delmas) local municipality account. 

Lawrence Ntimane , Standard Bank South Afrcia's Provincial Public Sector Head, says: "Standard Bank has been able to display its expertise as a result of banking the Mpumalanga province since March. However, it is not only a good track record in a province and municipality that will determine the outcome of the tender process. 

"The municipal sector is tightly regulated and the decision that municipalities make when awarding the tender is on service, reach and price. Standard Bank's selection based on these criteria is clearly something that we as an organisation are very proud of. Standard Bank can now demonstrate how exceptional our capabilities beyond the basics really are. 

"We are able to build relationships of trust with our clients and position them to continuously enhance their financial strength and their service delivery." 

Each municipality banked by Standard Bank creates a deeper reference base for Standard Bank in the province. Standard Bank enabled a seamless transition to its platforms for the Mpumalanga provincial account, which is giving other public sector clients confidence in Standard Bank's ability to help them design their services to be both least costly to the tax payer, and most beneficial to their own direct stakeholders. 

"Mpumalanga municipalities are recognising that what we offer is not just a banking relationship. It's a partnership that equips the municipality with financial instruments that optimise its operations," says Mr Ntimane. 

Standard Bank South Africa's public sector division combines a range of practitioner skills from the full spectrum of local, provincial, and national government, education, healthcare, and state enterprises - in South Africa and other countries. 

In addition, it has created nationwide public sector business teams that align the specialist skills of corporate and investment banking with personal and business banking, bringing together an offering that meets the needs of all municipal finance officers. 

Standard Bank has also been helping the South African Local Government Association with initiatives designed to assist councillors and officials with understanding their oversight responsibilities within municipalities.

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