BRICS comes to South Africa

China Africa Opportunities South Africa | 27/06/18

The 10th Annual BRICS Summit taking place in our home market provides a unique opportunity for our formidable alliance with ICBC.

The 10th BRICS Summit, of which South Africa is the chair, takes place in Johannesburg from 25 - 27 July 2018. Standard Bank Group and ICBC are the financial services exclusive sponsors of this summit. The BRICS Summit provides a platform for Standard Bank, as Africa’s largest bank, and ICBC, the world’s largest bank to acknowledge the 10th anniversary of our strategic partnership, and the 20th anniversary of diplomatic ties between South Africa and China.

The strategic partnership between Standard Bank and ICBC has the ability to realise the full potential that Africa and China hold in each other. Our partnership will help to transform the continent, setting it on a growth trajectory and further equipping African economies for effective and competitive global trade.

The theme for the 10th BRICS summit is; “BRICS in Africa: Collaboration for Inclusive Growth and Shared Prosperity in the 4th Industrial Revolution” and the key proposed initiatives include;

  • The establishment of a Working Group on Peacekeeping,
  • The establishment of a Vaccine Research Centre,
  • The establishment of a BRICS Gender and Women’s Forum,
  • Economic Partnership towards the pursuit of Inclusive Growth,
  • Advancing the 4th Industrial Revolution and
  • The establishment of a BRICS Tourism Track of Cooperation.

With the BRICS Summit taking place in Standard Bank’s home market, this provides a unique opportunity for our formidable alliance, as the “go-to banks” for business in the China-Africa corridor.

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