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What is the Standard Bank Group Privacy Statement
Please click here to view the Standard Bank Group Privacy Statement
What does Pre-employment Screening include?
  1. Identity and educational qualification verification   
  2. Credit record and criminal record   
  3. Outside Business Interest Declaration and Personnel Account Trading Declaration   
  4. Sanctions screening and confirmation of current employment   
  5. PES is mandatory for all external candidates before an offer of employment can be made.    
Do I need to be vaccinated for COVID-19 to work at Standard Bank Group?
Yes – we have a COVID-19 vaccination policy in place for the group. South Africa will be implementing this from  4 April 2022 where all employee’s vaccinations need to be up to date. This policy will be rolled out to all markets so please ensure to ask about the policy if you are applying for roles outside South Africa. Please see SBSA vaccination FAQs.
Which countries can I explore Standard Bank career opportunities?
We recruit across 20 countries in Africa and have seven international offices, however, the opportunities available varies in each market depending on the vacancies. Please see the Standard Bank Group footprint for more information.
What is the Standard Bank Group diversity approach?
We have developed deliberate plans, with targets and objectives, to ensure representation of all in our workforce. These plans differ depending on context (country, segment, specialist function), but all of them will address all aspects of our diversity approach. The plans include mechanisms for monitoring, evaluating, and reporting. We will include achievement of targets and objectives as a component of performance appraisals where role appropriate.
Does Standard Bank Group hire people with disabilities?
Yes. Standard Bank Group believes that everyone is welcome, and we have a Disability Policy that provides guidelines in managing disability in the workplace and enables us (SBG) to provide reasonable accommodation wherever possible in order to ensure successful integration of people with disabilities (PWDs) into mainstream employment.
Standard Bank strives to create a workplace environment where our people are treated equitably and experience a workplace that is inclusive. Our people are valued because of their differences, and we support an inclusive and collaborative working environment. Our talent acquisition approach fosters and sustains a workforce that reflects the demography of the communities we serve.
How do I create a profile on the system?
  1. On the Standard Bank Group careers website main menu go to apply then select my profile.  

  1. If you are a first-time visitor select create a new account to create your profile.  

  1. Complete the profile information then select create account to activate your profile.  

  1. Complete your online application by adding your information, registering your CV, and uploading the required supporting documents.  

  1. Once your profile has been completed and your CV has been registered, you can apply for jobs.

What attachments should I include?
  1. Your latest CV
  2. Your Identification Document (ID or passport)
  3. Your qualifications (degree, diploma, certificates)
  4. Membership certificates to any industry bodies (optional)
How do I apply for a role?
  1. Once you have created a profile and registered your CV on the Standard Bank careers website, from the main menu go to apply then select view all jobs.
  2. Search jobs by using the filters, then the jobs that meet your criteria will be displayed.
  3. Click on the job title to view the detailed job specifications, then select apply now to submit your application or save job to view the job later.

Please note: The saved jobs are kept for you to view and apply later, however if the job expires you will not be able to apply for it after the expiration date.

I couldn’t find a role I’m interested in, but I would like to send my CV. Can I do this?

Yes, you can create a profile and register your CV then when you find an opportunity you want to apply for, you can go to my profile and sign in under retuning visitor.

Is a cover letter necessary for my application?

No, a cover letter is not mandatory for your application, however, it is highly advised because it gives the Talent Acquisition Specialist and Hiring Manager a summary of who you are, your career journey and highlights.

How soon after the interview will I know if I am the successful candidate for the role?
The recruitment timelines vary based on the role and skills; however, you will know within four weeks of your interview if we will be extending an offer to you or not. Please contact your Standard Bank Talent Acquisition Specialist or external recruiter to get immediate feedback.
How do I update my application once it’s been submitted?

When you sign into your profile, you have an opportunity to review your online application, update information and upload new documents. You can make changes or proceed to the job search. The saved application is what the Talent Acquisition Specialist and Hiring Manger will see.  

Can I withdraw my application?

You can withdraw your application, however once it has been submitted through the online application process, you can only withdraw by contacting the Talent Acquisition Specialist via email or phone call. 

How can I track the status of my application?
  1. Once you have an account and have registered your CV, go to apply from the main menu.
  2. Then select my profile and sign in under returning visitor, then select view my application status to track your application.
I am having technical issues with my application, what should I do?
Please send an email to [email protected] if you have any technical issues with your profile or online application. You can also click here to reset your password.