Standard Bank Group

Connecting you and Africa to the world

The scale and reach of our organisation is truly unique in Africa. Our global footprint spans 20 African countries, and seven international markets. That means there’s a world of opportunity out there, both to explore your own potential – and to help us strengthen our presence on the global stage.

Making a positive impact across Africa

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a part of our story, as we’re on a journey to make our business future-ready. Take your career to the next level and be part of our legacy to unlock the potential of Africa, our home. We are proud of our African footprint and are  looking for driven, exceptional people like you, to accelerate our organisation’s – and our continent’s – growth.

Bank name: Standard Bank de Angola S.A
Permanent employees: 625
Years of operation: 11
Bank name: Stanbic Bank Botswana Ltd
Permanent employees: 550
Years of operation: 40
Côte d'Ivoire
Bank name: Stanbic Bank Côte d'Ivoire
Permanent employees: 38
Years of operation: 40
Bank name: Standard Bank RDC SARL
Permanent employees: 116
Years of operation: 40
Bank name: Standard Bank eSwatini Ltd
Permanent employees: 430
Years of operation: 41
Bank name: Stanbic Bank Ghana Ltd
Permanent employees: 839
Years of operation: 39
Bank name: Stanbic Bank Ltd
Permanent employees: 948
Years of operation: 37
Bank name: Standard Lesotho Bank Ltd
Permanent employees: 719
Years of operation: 40
Bank name: Standard Bank Malawi Ltd
Permanent employees: 744
Years of operation: 53
Bank name: Standard Bank Mauritius
Permanent employees: 129
Years of operation: 39
Bank name: Standard Bank Mozambique
Permanent employees: 1205
Years of operation: 37
Bank name: Standard Bank Head Office
Permanent employees: 1502
Years of operation: 106
Bank name: Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc
Permanent employees: 2974
Years of operation: 32
South Africa
Bank name: Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd
Permanent employees: 29091
Years of operation: 158
South Sudan
Bank name: Stanbic Bank Ltd
Permanent employees: 43
Years of operation: 9
Bank name: Stanbic Bank Tanzania Ltd
Permanent employees: 501
Years of operation: 37
Bank name: Stanbic Bank Uganda Ltd
Permanent employees: 1518
Years of operation: 36
Bank name: Stanbic Bank Zambia Ltd
Permanent employees: 678
Years of operation: 39
Bank name: Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe Ltd
Permanent employees: 522
Years of operation: 40
Explore our international opportunities

We believe in the power of our people – and in finding new ways to make their dreams possible. Join our team – and we’ll help make your vision a reality, in a challenging, empowering and highly rewarding environment. We’re proud of who we are – and together, we can help you reach your career ambitions.

Bank name: Standard Bank Brazil Representações Ltd
Years in operation: 39
Bank name: Standard Advisory (China) Ltd
Years in operation: 42
Isle of Man
Bank name: Standard Bank Isle of Man Ltd
Years in operation: 39
Bank name: Standard Bank Jersey Ltd
Years in operation: 45
Bank name: The Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd (DIFC Branch)
Years in operation: 47
United Kingdom
Bank name: Standard Advisory London Ltd
Years in operation: 45
Bank name: Standard New York, Inc
Years in operation: 53

 We never stand still. Some of our business areas may differ between regions as we undergo our transformation. Be sure to review related job roles.