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Our business

Africa is our home; we drive her growth. As Africa’s largest bank, we’re committed to using our experience, expertise and innovative vision to provide banking, investment and insurance solutions that enable inclusive, sustainable growth for communities, businesses and economies throughout Africa.

Client-centred financial services
Client-centred financial services

Our client-centred approach is one of the core strategic pillars of our business, ensuring that the Standard Bank Group is constantly evolving to offer solutions that meet the changing needs of our clients.

Transforming our business
Our transformation from a financial services provider to a platform business will be facilitated by the following:

  • Continuing to drive digital adoption and engagement
  • Providing holistic solutions in all markets in which we operate
  • Providing consistently exceptional client experiences
  • Creating a co-ordinated network of partners and devices to meet clients’ needs

Financial Services

We offer innovative banking services to individuals, businesses and institutions across Africa, including everyday banking, vehicle and asset finance and card and payment solutions.


From structured products and share trading to wealth and estate management, our range of innovative investment solutions are dedicated to growing clients’ wealth and limiting their risk.


We provide individuals and businesses with protection and peace of mind through our digitally enabled insurance solutions and forward-thinking strategic partnerships.

Our Clients

By separating our client focus into 3 distinct segments, we are able to provide relevant solutions and responsive services uniquely tailored to the needs of clients within each segment, as well as the relevant operational conditions and requirements of each.

Consumer and high net worth clients

Our various client platforms provide access to a variety of personal banking and wealth management solutions, including insurance, investments and advisory capabilities for individual clients, including high net worth individuals, in South Africa, Africa regions and the Channel Islands.

Visit one of our country sites to view their offerings.

Business and commercial clients

We provide small- to medium-sized enterprises (SME), as well as commercial banking clients, with access to products and services that enable them to transact, trade and fund their businesses in South Africa, Africa regions and the Channel Islands.

Visit a country site to see our offerings.

Corporate and Investment Banking

We provide multinational, regional and domestic corporations and institutions with wholesale solutions and specialist advisory, transactional, trading and funding support.

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