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Our innovative approach allows us to offer a wide range of financial services to meet the diverse needs of clients throughout Africa. Our competitive advantages allow us to create value for our clients by focusing on lending money, providing transactional banking facilities and knowledge-based services and providing market access and risk mitigation solutions.

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Building a digital ecosystem

As a financial services provider transforming into a platform business, the Standard Bank Group has been creating a co-ordinated network of participants and devices to meet clients’ needs wherever they are.

Driving this transformation in our banking offering are our digital platforms, digital and mobile payment solutions, innovative lending options and use of digital technology to make our credit services more accessible and valuable to our clients.

Everyday banking
Personal and business banking

Transactional accounts and digital banking platforms

Personal and business lending

Innovative solutions to improving cash flow

Home services

Finance for buying, building and maintaining your home

Foreign exchange

Buy, sell and trade forex easily with the Shyft Digital Wallet

Attorney accounts

Trusts and third-party administration

Workplace solutions

Payroll and HR solutions, financial planning and employer value banking

Merchant solutions

Point-of-sale, ecommerce and digital payments, payment processing services and small business support

Cash management

Cash devices, handling and security services

Industry solutions

Industry-specific solutions for a variety of specialised businesses

Trade point

A digital suite of trade solutions for your business

Vehicle and asset finance
Vehicle finance

Fleet solutions, commercial and personal vehicle finance

Commercial property finance

Finance solutions for investors and business owners

Commercial asset finance

Equipment, goods and financial access solutions

Specialised financing

Disclosed and non-disclosed debtor finance

Cards and payments
Instant money

A cardless digital wallet for mobile phones

Mobile money

An innovative alternative to physical cash payments

Virtual card

A prepaid digital card for online shopping created in real-time on the Standard Bank App

Fitbit pay

Contactless payment solutions using a Fitbit watch or tracker

Apple pay

Mobile payments and digital wallets

Card issuing

Digital solutions for secure and efficient pre-paid and credit card issuing

Internet banking

Accessible, cost-effective online banking services

Informal savings

Collective payment ecosystems for communities

Rapid payments programme

Partnership to broaden access to digital payments across the banking sector

More financial services from the Standard Bank Group

Our range of innovative wealth management solutions are dedicated to growing clients’ wealth and limiting their risk.


We provide protection and peace of mind for individuals and businesses through innovative insurance solutions and partnerships.