Standard Bank Group


Our investment approach leverages our in-depth sector and regional expertise, our specialist capabilities and our access to global capital markets to provide innovative solutions for inclusive growth, centred around innovative investment products and advisory services.

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Building a digital ecosystem

As a financial services provider transforming into a platform business, the Standard Bank Group has been creating a co-ordinated network of participants and devices to meet clients’ needs wherever they are.

Our investment platforms are central to this aspect of our digital transformation, including trading, wholesale and capital market platforms, along with investment backed lending options and digitally-integrated asset management solutions.

Our global investments
Investment solutions
Investment accounts

Local and international investment accounts and tax-free investment solutions

Share trading

Local and international share and financial instrument trading, online trading platforms and execution and advisory services

Financial planning

Goal-based financial planning, portfolio and investment management and mobile financial management solutions

Structured products

Forex investment solutions, risk limitation and wealth preservation

Sustainable investing

Green bonds, social bonds and sustainable bonds for affordable housing and renewable energy

More financial services from the Standard Bank Group

We offer innovative banking services to individuals, businesses and institutions across Africa, including everyday banking, vehicle and asset finance and card and payment solutions.


We provide individuals and businesses with protection and peace of mind through our digitally enabled insurance solutions and forward-thinking strategic partnerships.