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    Standard Bank Group is a financial institution that offers banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, institutions and corporations in Africa and abroad.

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    All our products and services are based on a set of values that uphold the empowerment of our customers. Both internally, and in daily engagement with the our clients we foster transparency, innovation, accountability and superior service.
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    We ensure that all our services and products across borders are compliant with local legislation wherever we go. As we grow in Africa, we will continue to review our systems and processes according to the best possible compliance and risk management skills.
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    Standard Bank is not an abstract legal entity. We are our people.

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    We aim to offer universal banking capabilities to individuals, small-to medium-sized businesses, corporates, financial institutions and internationals.

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    We drive sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Africa. To ensure our commitment to making a positive and lasting impact, we have developed a framework of initiatives and objectives towards long-term social, economic and environmental upliftment.

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    Our sponsorship initiatives promote community upliftment through the support of sporting, art and music events, teams, festivals and clinics. We strive to nurture growing talents and to aid local communities to grow in their chosen fields.
    We are proud to be a part of what’s happening in Africa. By fostering growth opportunities on the continent, we believe that hands across borders will continue to strengthen business in Africa.
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    We are a universal bank and full- service financial group offering transactional banking, saving, borrowing, lending, investment, insurance, risk management, wealth management and advisory services.

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    Peoples health and lives come first - Sim
    We're here for you as we face this pandemic
    Our teams are ready to serve our individual, business and corporate clients as usual. While doing everything we can to keep our staff and clients safe, and to flatten the curve, we have also taken all the necessary steps to ensure that our essential services will be able to function.
    Keep up with the latest news from Standard Bank group offices across the continent.
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    Minimise risk for customers and staff

    Gender equity is a fundamental human right, and Standard Bank Group has committed to help create a gender-equal world.

    The latest Standard Bank Group financial results.
Standard Bank Group
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Helping you grow your wealth


Wealth management solutions that move with market trends while growing and protecting your assets.

The Standard Bank Group provides a variety of wealth management, growth and insurance solutions.
  • Wealth management starts with reliable day-to-day banking services and investment solutions. We offer tailored wealth management solutions to fit your business, preferred banking platforms, and countries of operation.
  • We have wealth liaison offices in London, Jersey, Mauritius, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.
  • We are experienced and well researched in emerging African markets and offer informed investment advice based on ongoing analysis.
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Corporate and Investment banking teaser
Corporate and Investment Banking

Serving the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses, corporates and financial institutions.

Personal and Business banking Teaser
Personal and Business Banking

Day-to-day financial services for personal and business banking.