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Its up to everyone. Join the movement today.

Thematic Champion and Chief Executive Sim Tshabalala, on behalf of the Standard Bank Group, joined forces with the United Nations (UN) Women HeForShe movement in 2018. HeForShe invites men and women to stand in solidarity for gender equality. Gender equity is a fundamental human right, and Standard Bank Group has committed to help create a gender-equal world.

Sim Tshabalala says, “Achieving gender equity is a moral duty, a business imperative, and just plain common sense. Women embody half the world’s talent, skill and energy – and more than half of its purchasing power. So every sensible business leader must be committed to achieving gender equity in their company and to contributing to gender equity in the societies in which we operate. Standard Bank is therefore committed to reaching parity in executive positions across our operations”

In addition to growing our representation of women in leadership positions, part of our HeforShe commitment is to a UN Women social initiative. We have recently concluded an agreement with UN Women that our r financial contribution will be invested in the economic empowerment of women by “Increasing productivity and access to market, of women through climate smart agriculture in Africa”. We have identified projects in Nigeria, Uganda, Malawi and South Africa and in so doing, are driving Africa’s growth and ensuring that our financial investment is bearing fruit on the continent. We are committed to take deliberate steps to create a world where gender equity becomes a reality.

We invite our people, partners and clients to join us as we set gender equity in motion. Find out more about how you can make a difference and support the HeForShe movement at