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Hearing from the vulnerable

Where do you work in Standard Bank? 

Drakensberg Catchment, KZN, Client Coverage 

How did Standard Bank support you during the COVID-19 crisis? 

Due to my health condition, I needed to work from home. I received tremendous support from my line manager and human capital business partner. Daily check-ins took place to ensure that I was adapting to the new way of working. I took in a lot of learnings from the webinars that were availed to me. These provided insights into managing my time more effectively, living a healthy lifestyle, and adapting to the new  way of working. I started taking breaks every 90 minutes to stroll through the garden for fresh air and to have a change of scenery. 

What impact did this have on you and your family?  

Firstly, it was a huge adjustment as I am now working alone and not in the office with colleagues around. I experienced cabin fever initially as I was surrounded by four walls. My spouse had to go to work daily, as she is employed by the organisation in the branch network. We adjusted our lives to the new ways of working and we spent time engaging on what was happening in the branch network, since she was on the frontline. This allowed me to support my team because I otherwise would have had no knowledge of what was going on.  

What do you most look forward to about returning to work? 

Being amongst my team, face to face, and supporting them on the ground with their challenges. I want to work alongside them to achieve our goals and celebrate our successes in person.