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Voices of our people

By Mishka Isaacs 

At the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, we were very worried as there were no taxis and buses to go to work. 

The transport provided by Standard Bank made us feel safe to leave home early. 

The drivers were awesome, and made us feel welcome. We got into the bus and they sanitised us. They made sure we had a mask on. 

They provided us fresh masks if we needed them. They were friendly and made us feel safe. Being a lady and the first person to be picked up early in the morning, this was important to me. I wasn’t scared anymore.

They drove perfectly  and took our safety into consideration. They made sure we observed physical distancing in the bus.  

We were grateful to Standard Bank for the meal vouchers, because it showed that even though we were coming to work and putting our lives at risk, the organisation still cared about us. 

And of course the special  National Service Appreciation Award  was the cherry on top.


By Morufa Makgamatho 

I did not opt for transportation, but the meal vouchers that were provided weekly assisted a lot. They made a big difference because I was using Uber to travel to and from work. 

The National Service Appreciation Award motivated me. It  gave me the assurance that my company cares for me. I was anxious for myself and my child, and Standard Bank showed me they really do care. This kept me going, no matter how challenging the COVID-19 situation was.  


 By Ellen Komana 

The transportation arrangement was easy and convenient. The drivers and the services offered made life simple, and we really needed these at the time. We left home on time and arrived home on time. They looked after us well and showed us care. Even when there was a change in bus driver or buses, they would let us know beforehand. It was an experience and a lifesaver. I managed to save some money too. 

And what with the National Service Appreciation Award!  Everyone was talking about it. We couldn’t believe it at first. It came in handy. I’m truly grateful, and the team around me echoes this sentiment. 


By Eugean James 

Standard Bank surprised and impressed us. We did not expect it. We were still getting our full salaries and it was a real big help to our family and kids. Standard Bank really thought about us and our kids. 

I was never scared to go to work and or be at work because of the stringent COVID-19 protocols that Standard Bank put in place to ensure our safety. 

The past few months were a challenging yet amazing experience. I am proud to work for Standard Bank. For me, it is not just about the monetary incentives – but the care that we received. I think my family appreciates Standard Bank even more than me. I really want to say ‘thank you”. I am truly inspired.