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    Standard Bank Group is a financial institution that offers banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, institutions and corporations in Africa and abroad.

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    All our products and services are based on a set of values that uphold the empowerment of our customers. Both internally, and in daily engagement with the our clients we foster transparency, innovation, accountability and superior service.
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    We ensure that all our services and products across borders are compliant with local legislation wherever we go. As we grow in Africa, we will continue to review our systems and processes according to the best possible compliance and risk management skills.
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    Standard Bank is not an abstract legal entity. We are our people.

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    We aim to offer universal banking capabilities to individuals, small-to medium-sized businesses, corporates, financial institutions and internationals.

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    We drive sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Africa. To ensure our commitment to making a positive and lasting impact, we have developed a framework of initiatives and objectives towards long-term social, economic and environmental upliftment.

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    Our sponsorship initiatives promote community upliftment through the support of sporting, art and music events, teams, festivals and clinics. We strive to nurture growing talents and to aid local communities to grow in their chosen fields.
    We are proud to be a part of what’s happening in Africa. By fostering growth opportunities on the continent, we believe that hands across borders will continue to strengthen business in Africa.
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    We are a universal bank and full- service financial group offering transactional banking, saving, borrowing, lending, investment, insurance, risk management, wealth management and advisory services.

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    Peoples health and lives come first - Sim
    We're here for you as we face this pandemic
    Our teams are ready to serve our individual, business and corporate clients as usual. While doing everything we can to keep our staff and clients safe, and to flatten the curve, we have also taken all the necessary steps to ensure that our essential services will be able to function.
    Keep up with the latest news from Standard Bank group offices across the continent.
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    Minimise risk for customers and staff

    Gender equity is a fundamental human right, and Standard Bank Group has committed to help create a gender-equal world.

    The latest Standard Bank Group financial results.
Standard Bank Group
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Our values and code of ethics
Corporate governance

The Group at a glance

Standard Bank Group is a financial institution that offers banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, institutions and corporations in Africa and abroad.


Financial services

Be the leading financial services organisation


Delivering exceptional client experience


Delivering superior value to our customers


In, for and across Africa

Our Strategy

Our primary focus is the banking journey. And not just our journey as a service provider, but the journey of our employees and our customers. The direction we take is based on how our customers experience our banking services, whether large corporations or individual clients. We continue to search for simpler, and more innovative ways to offer financial services that lead by need. As the landscape of economies across Africa changes, we provide products, services and platforms that continue to empower our customers, and help them grow.
Our key focus areas

2020 is the year that we have set for ourselves to achieve some significant commercial goals. There are three focus points that are central to these goals, and we continue to improve in these areas. As we hold up our aspirations and values as a group, we look to these 3 principles, and adhere to them as the central tenets of all our future successes.

Digitisation means we are always on and always there to deliver our clients’ and employees’ needs in a secure, personalised and relevant way.

Is more than just technology - it is about delivering the full range of financial services through secure, personalised, relevant and digitally enhanced experiences to our clients and employees in real time, all the time. 

We are working to:

  • Ensure that the services our clients and employees need are consistently available, anywhere, anytime – irrespective of channel.
  • Use data proactively to guide our decisions, discover valuable insights and deliver personalised experiences.
  • Remove friction, paper-based processes and waste to ensure intuitive, easy to use, reliable interfaces for our clients and employees.
  • Create a workplace that encourages curiosity, digital thinking and continuous improvement for quick and frequent refinement of ideas and brilliant delivery.
Our ability to work across silos and offer an integrated Africa-wide service to our clients is a key differentiator.

Offering a complete range of financial services follows from our commitment to client centricity, and reinforces the competitive advantages of our scale, scope and expertise. This means that our business units, legal entities and corporate functions must work as an integrated whole to service our clients' financial needs in a seamless way.

We are working to:

  • Seamlessly and efficiently deliver the financial services organisation, so our clients have access to and experience all our propositions relevant to their needs.
Client centricity places our clients at the centre of everything we do.

Our people and processes are outwardly focused on our clients as their needs and expectations change. This means we align the way we plan, deliver and execute work, doing the basics brilliantly and consistently so that we can do what our clients value.

We are working to:

  • See clients as real people, not numbers.
  • Provide our clients with relevant solutions.
  • Be a trustworthy partner on our clients' growth journeys.
  • Do the basics brilliantly and deliver on our promises quickly, efficiently, reliably and respectfully.
See our latest financial results

Standard Bank Group's financial performance strengthended for the year ending 31 December 2018.

View up-to-date information on all our key performance indicators.


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Our Global Presence

Standard Bank operates in more than 20 countries in Africa and abroad. Its worldwide presence consists of an integrated suite of end-to-end wealth management services and banking solutions.