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Standard Bank Group 2022 Annual Results
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Stanbic Bank Zambia - Save the Zambezi River
The partnership between Stanbic Bank Zambia, NGOs and the Zambian government to combat deforestation begins by planting 10 000 trees in the Zambezi Source National Forest.
SBU Zambezi River
Brand Finance top 500 bank brands
Standard Bank has been ranked as the most valuable banking brand in South Africa, and on the African continent
Brand Finance Top 500
2022 Annual Results Highlights

Sustainable Impact

Climate Strategy

Our climate strategy is focused on driving sustainable growth, achieving net zero carbon emissions and applying complementary mechanisms for supporting our clients.

About us

We lead with purpose and operate with integrity. We celebrate our milestones and take a strategic view of the future as we deliver operational excellence across our global locations.

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Our Business
Driving Africa's sustainable growth
We provide solutions to meet the needs of individuals, businesses, institutions and corporations in Africa and abroad. We’re committed to servicing our clients with excellence and transforming our business to deliver continued value.
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We’re committed to driving Africa’s sustainable growth and achieving great things by transforming client experience. Our People Promise is an undertaking we make to invest in our people and enable them to make their dreams possible.