Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to us and we know that you are concerned about how we use your personal information. Standard Bank Group Limited, its subsidiaries and their subsidiaries (Group, we, us, our) collect and process your personal information according to the privacy principles set out below

These principles are in line with our Code of Ethics and comply with applicable laws, rules and standards.

  • 1. We maintain and continuously improve our data privacy culture by providing training and awareness sessions for all staff, and where relevant, for third-party service providers.
  • 2. All staff is made aware of their responsibilities in terms of laws and internal rules that apply to protecting personal information.
  • 3. We promote the protection of personal information.
  • 4. We will be transparent in our dealings with you, and will tell you how we collect and use your personal information. These practices can be found in our privacy statements and all our product and services agreements.
  • 5. We process your personal information in a lawful and reasonable manner.
  • 6. We will update your personal information when you inform us of any changes.
  • 7. We take reasonable measures to maintain the quality and accuracy of your personal information.
  • 8. We will take note of the rights you have under applicable privacy and data protection laws, and will make sure that we deal with queries about privacy issues quickly and transparently.
  • 9. In terms of our operating model, we may share your personal information with our subsidiaries and affiliates.
  • 10. We comply with data privacy and related laws and codes of conduct that apply in the countries where we operate.
  • 11. Our third-party service providers must have appropriate security measures in place and comply with our privacy principles when we outsource any services.
  • 12. We will take reasonable actions to make sure that appropriate measures are in place before we transfer your personal information to other countries if the transfer is necessary to provide services to you.
  • 13. When we process the personal information of minors, we will always do so with the consent of their parents, legal guardian or as allowed by law.

We may change this privacy statement. We will publish all changes on our website. The latest version of our privacy statement will replace all earlier versions, unless it says differently. If you have any questions or complaints about privacy, please contact the Group Privacy Officer:

Jan Bezuidenhout       Physical address:
Group Privacy Officer Standard Bank Centre
Postal address: 5 Simmonds Street
The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited Johannesburg
PO Box 1155 2001
Johannesburg Telephone: +27 11 636 1781
2000 Fax: +27 11 631 8580
Email: [email protected]

Version: 2
Date published: 12 January 2016
Standard Bank of South Africa Limited Privacy Statement

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