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Nearly 7 500 girls and young women are infected with HIV every week, even though it’s a preventable disease. Standard Bank supports the Global Fund HER Campaign, which aims to curb HIV infections among this vulnerable population.

Did you know that nearly 7 500 girls and young women will be infected with HIV this week, even though it’s a preventable disease? The bank believes that we must participate in ensuring that the communities within which we operate are healthy and productive. That’s why we support the Global Fund HER Campaign, which aims to curb HIV infections among teen girls and young women.

“Standard Bank is very excited to be partnering with the Global Fund in the HER Campaign to prevent HIV/Aids. We are partnering both financially and non-financially, so we have a commitment to provide $2million in direct cash contribution. We are also, together with our staff and our clients, going to participate in fundraising activities to raise up to $2million, and we believe that our partnership will help to combat eradication of HIV,” says Chief Executive: Standard Bank Africa Regions, Sola David-Borha.

This campaign is never more relevant than as we mark International Women’s Day. Despite great progress globally, adolescent girls and young women continue to be disproportionately affected in sub-Saharan Africa. In the hardest-hit countries girls account for more than 80% of new infections among adolescents. The HER campaign offers teen-friendly prevention programmes and testing services, education, peer networks, mentoring and other social interventions to help support girls.

“It’s important because Africa is our home and we drive her growth. We have seen first-hand through our operations on the continent that if you educate people, if you ensure that they are able to utilise their potential, they are then better able to contribute to the growth of their countries and ultimately, Africa,” Sola says.

She believes that the private sector have a very important role to play in the fight against HIV. “They bring funding, but not only funding, they bring the organisational capabilities to the table. They bring the capacity to execute and they are a critical partner in the fight against HIV,” she comments.

“Investing in the girl child, investing in the youth of Africa is basically securing Africa’s future. We will together enable healthy young people to be educated, to be productive, to contribute to the economy, and to really become assets and not liabilities to their countries.”
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