Sponsorships are a valuable part of Standard Bank Group's social responsibility and marketing communication strategies. Sponsorships are essential in building the brand and creating relevance in markets where Standard Bank Group operates, and they provide a platform for us to engage with our customers.

Development is key to our deciding on what sponsorships we undertake. Currently, we look at initiatives that support community upliftment, the arts and sport. Sponsorships vary from country to country and are often decided on by teams in each country in which we operate, as relevant to their marketing objectives.

Standard Bank has been recognized as a leading sponsor of the arts for many years. As a proud sponsor and active supporter of the arts for more than three decades, Standard Bank has made a significant contribution to the process of helping to mould a unique cultural identity for the African continent.

The ultimate aim of our arts sponsorship programme is to nurture and promote the development of both the visual and performing arts on the conitnent, encouraging engagement and social interaction. Reflecting this objective, the programme embraces diverse initiatives with a strong focus on jazz as well as the visual arts.

Standard Bank is a proud sponsor of leading and innovative sporting initiatives. Over the years, our contribution to the development of sporting programmes within the growing markets that we operate in has significantly helped elevate the role of sports in Africa's growth story.

Our 153 years of experience has allowed us to use our expertise and knowledge of the continent and share it with communities. We believe that our greatest contribution is to share what we've learned as we tell our story of how we see Africa moving forward.

Because we are integrally related to the communities we serve we are conscious of and appreciate the role we play in the success and sustainability of these communities and society at large.

Engaging with communities and stakeholders takes place through formal concrete actions that span small once off projects to major programmes. These range from academic endeavours to charity work; long term partnerships to emergency support for an urgent need; from enterprises with global impact to causes that bring relief for and boost local groups.

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