Wealth Management

Our Group companies have an array of wealth management products and services through which you can manage your wealth, grow your wealth or insure your wealth.

Manage your wealth

We offer an integrated suite of end-to-end financial services and banking solutions through our Wealth and Investment business. Our international offices and skilled professionals in London, Jersey, Mauritius, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa give an international dimension to our wealth management services. With assets under management of more than $10bn worldwide, we are well positioned to offer seamless solutions for all your on- and offshore financial planning needs.

Grow your wealth

Your financial planning needs are catered for through our Group company, Liberty, which offers life insurance, investment and health management solutions to individual and corporate customers in 16 countries across Africa.

Our Group company, Stanlib, is a multi-specialist investment house that manages and administers $47,7bn (31 December 2014) in assets for individual and institutional customers in 10 African countries, and has business partnerships in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Stanlib has a highly skilled team of investment professionals, analysts, technical experts, legal and customer service professionals committed to helping you achieve your long-term investment goals.

Insure your wealth

Our Insurance and Wealth Advisory products and services make sure that you and your assets are protected through car, home and life insurance as well as bespoke advice on fiduciary planning, trusts and wills.

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