Sustainable development

Our sustainability and success are inextricably linked to the prosperity and wellbeing of the societies in which we operate. We are clear that our core business activities must support and contribute to this prosperity and wellbeing. This understanding defines our purpose – Africa is our home, we drive her growth. As part of this journey, we’re working to embed our SEE framework to help us assess the social, economic and environmental impacts of our decisions and how best to create value for the business in a way that also produces value for society. SEE IS CORE TO OUR PURPOSE AND COMMITMENT of being a catalyst for economic change in Africa. It requires us to take a long-term view, and to assess the impacts of decisions not just for the bank, but for the communities in which we operate. It requires us to ensure that our stakeholder engagement processes are robust and inclusive.” Sim Tshabalala, CEO, Standard Bank Group

We publish several reports to provide our stakeholders with the information they need to assess our performance. Our Annual Integrated Report, our primary report, provides a complete view of our ability to create value over time. It considers the issues material to maintaining the commercial viability and social relevance required to achieve our strategy in the medium to long term, and covers both our financial performance and material non-financial information.

Our Report to Society aims to communicate with a broader group of stakeholders about how we impact on the societies, economies and environments in which we operate.

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